Rocker performing with Portland Symphony

Peter Wolf, former frontman for the J. Geils Band, is performing with the Portland Symphony Orchestra tomorrow afternoon on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus. Judd Nelson, a Portland native, was supposed to be there, but had to cancel due to an injury.

The rocker, a Bostonian, apparently loves Portland:

“I love Maine, and I love Portland particularly,” Wolf told a Portland Press Herald reporter. “Great bookstores … great bars. The heart is a lonely hunter, so I thought I would venture up and give it a try. So you can tell people that I am rolling into town, double-parked in the highway of love, and rolling in and out of your different barrooms, of which Portland has some very good ones. I’m looking forward to trying some of your city’s fine home-brewed beer and some of their good wine.”

The story also has an “If You Go” box with information on time, location and ticket prices.

It might be a fun cultural event for those of you living in Southern Maine. I would consider going if I was back there; as I recall, the Portland Symphony is really pretty good. But as we know, I am writing Letters From Away.

Disclaimer: I remember the band, but for the life of me I cannot think of single song they did.

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