‘The Way We Get By’ available online until Dec. 12

The Way We Get By - Click to Watch the Trailer

I watched the documentary last night on three of the Maine Greeters, “The Way We Get By,” and found it touching and moving. I did not mean to watch it, I just did. I fully intended to watch it online today and then perhaps comment on it later, but instead I just went ahead and watched it.

I recommend it for anyone from Maine, has been to Maine or who knows where Maine is on the map; anyone who has a veteran or serviceman or woman in their family, as a co-worker or on their block; anyone who has seniors in their family; or anyone who will become a senior someday.

It was touching to see what Tom Brokaw call “The Greatest Generation” stepping up once again to volunteer to make sure each serviceman and woman flying through the Bangor International Airport on their way to war or back again has a handshake, a hug, a cookie, a chance to use a cell phone. It is unfortunate, however, that so many – 900,000 since the Maine Greeters started their effort – have been greeted.

“The Way We Get By” is not the best documentary that I have seen, but the timing for this particular film seems right. And there are some very touching and very sad moments during the film. It is available online through Dec. 12.

OK, that is it. I promise to move on to other topics now.

Well, one more thing: I seem to recall that the Bangor International Airport was not always the Bangor International Airport. It was once part of an Air Force base and home to a fleet of B-52s protecting us from the “commie threat.”

OK, two more things: I have flown out of the Bangor International Airport and it was nice to see familiar landscape.

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