Just say cheese … photos are welcome!

If you have a photo that was taken in Maine, New England or is related in some way to Maine or New England, please feel free to e-mail to me an electronic version and I will post it here. That includes photos of Mainers visiting those of us “from away” or those of use “from away” visiting home.

WordPress allows images in jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx and docx, although I am most comfortable dealing with jpgs and jpeg.

Be sure to send information about the photo such as when and where it was taken, who or what is in the image, a story about how and why the photo was taken … that sort of thing. I will most likely include the story, and if I know people or places in the photo or something about the location, I may add a comment, too.

And above all, only send photos to which you have a right – as in copyright – and/or permission to use. Do NOT send along photos that are copyrighted or to which you do not have permission to use. Do NOT send along photos copied from the Internet, because many of those are copyrighted.

With a little luck, I hope to post a few photos a week to add a little eye-candy.

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