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Maine, N.E. Guard prepare to deploy; ceremony today – Bangor Daily News

Here are links to a couple of news stories on the deployment of National Guard units from Maine and the rest of New England.

 Maine, N.E. Guard prepare to deploy; ceremony today – Bangor Daily News.


Maine troopers attend officers’ memorial

Three Maine State Troopers, including two from The County, are going to the memorial service for the Lakewood, Wash., police officers killed Nov. 29. As a reporter, I covered several of these fallen-officers stories. Always a tragic thing.


‘Pretty proud that I was there’ | Portland Press Herald

Here’s a link to a Portland Press Herald story about a Pearl Harbor attack survivor.

‘Pretty proud that I was there’ | Portland Press Herald.

Pearl Harbor survivor back for 1st time since war


Northern California awakens to snow | Recordnet.com

I did not see it, but they say it snowed in Stockton today.

The National Weather Service and TV meteorologist for the past couple of days had been calling for the snow to fall and it did, especially in the foothills and in the Sierra, where snow is king this time of year. Ski resort owners and skiers will be pleased with the results of this storm.

Anyway, the snow here melted pretty much on contact, according to witnesses quoted in the local newspaper. The online story also has a photo taken by one of the newspaper’s staff writers who works from his home in San Andreas, CA. It appears a bit messy up there.

Of course, it is nothing like the snow in northern Maine some years. As a child I recall snowplows pushing snow banks high above the road. Before my folks bought a Jeep Commando with a plow on the front, I was the one who had to clear the driveway with a shovel. After a good snow dump and a hearty push by the snowplow, that meant a lot of clearing away.

S.J. County and surrounding area awakens to snow | Recordnet.com

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