For Maine family, friends digging out from the snow

Was going through some stuff yesterday and found a book of poetry by Ruby Garrison Searway, “Yesterday’s Tomorrows,” and thought one of the poems might be appropriate for those of you digging out from the winter storm.

Beautiful Snow


By Ruby Garrison Searway

Beautiful shimmering drifting snow,

(Where in heck did my shovel go?)

Lovely glistening feathery heap,

(I’ll bet the stuff is ten feet deep.)

Marvelous wonderful tiny flakes,

(Darn it all! How my back aches!)

Shining crystals – a spotless bed,

(Another storm and I’ll drop dead.)

The book of poetry was printed in 1974 and given to me by the parents of the girl I was dating at the time. I could not find much about Searway online, just a bunch of eBay offerings of the book for sale or library references as to its availability. Searway wrote at least one other book, “Time to Remember” published in 1964, and I believe she lived in Blaine, Maine, and may have lived in Ashland.

If any readers of this blog have any more information about Ruby Garrison Searway, please add a comment to the blog entry.

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