Daily Archives: December 12, 2009

I knew this, but it is worth repeating

Once again, I find myself going to the DownEast.com trivia section for a bit of entertainment. Today’s entry was a no-brainer.

What’s the best oceanfront drive in Maine?

Answer The Loop Road in Acadia National Park.

Here is a brief description from the National Park Service website:

“The 27-mile Park Loop Road system offers outstanding views of the park’s ocean shoreline, coastal forests, and mountain silhouettes. This historic road system is open from April 15 through November 30, weather permitting (small portions remain open all year).”

However, there are quite a few other options to scenic oceanfront drives in Maine and it just may be an enjoyable life-long task to seek out a suitable alternative. Please leave a comment with your favorite oceanfront drive.

Or, just for fun, don’t limit yourself to the oceanfront. Break it down to regions and give me your favorite rides in Maine.

Legislator-reservist to report in Denmark on climate issue

I just saw bits and pieces of a story on PBS on this very thing and how the Pentagon is including the effects of climate when developing scenarios for future conflict. Some of the things stressed in the PBS story are alluded to in this Kennebec Journal story.

Legislator-reservist to report in Denmark on climate issue.

Kings paying way home for Maine troops – Bangor Daily News

OK, I didn’t get why they had a poll on this story or why it was about whether readers thought the No. 13 was unlucky. But when you throw in Stephen King, almost anything makes sense … sort of.

But the real point is that some servicemen and women will get to see their families for Christmas and that’s cool.

Kings paying way home for Maine troops – Bangor Daily News.