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Gazing at the most famous house in Maine

Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World"

Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" may depict Maine's most famous house.

OK, so I suppose this is why they make brain-straining games based on trivia questions.

I did not know – at least, I wasn’t confident that I knew – the answer to today’s DownEast.com trivial question.

What’s the most famous house in Maine?

And I didn’t know the answer. I thought of a couple of houses that might fit in this category – Blaine House, Stephen King’s place by which tourist and locals drive to get a glimpse of the writer, or Longfellow’s in Portland, or Joshua Chamberlain’s, and a couple of others.


“The Olson House on Hathorn Point Road in Cushing, forever memorialized by Andrew Wyeth’s iconic ‘Christina’s World.”’

I had a vague, back-of-brain image of this place, but wasn’t sure. But after Googling – where would we be today without Google? Don’t answer that – I got it, it made perfect sense.

Members of 172nd arrive home for Christmas – Bangor Daily News

Members of 172nd arrive home for Christmas – Bangor Daily News.