Dear deer in a snowy Maine field

Deer in a snowy Maine field

This photo of deer in a snowy Maine field was taken by Kelly McInnis.

Not long ago I posted a link to stories about how the take by deer hunters was down significantly this year, indicating that the deer population, especially in Northern Maine, was down.   

This was confirmed by The Mom, who occasionally works at the small general store in my hometown of Portage, Maine, where they register deer.    

And if The Mom said it, it has to be true.    

But a high school classmate of mine – Ashland Community High School Class of 1980, Go Hornets! – took this photo in a field just off state Route 11. Kelly McInnis on Sunday was travelling from Fort Kent, Maine – it has a blockhouse fort erected in 1839 that is now on the National Registry of Historic Sites – through Portage to Ashland when she spotted these guys in a field across the road from a cemetery just up the hill from where I grew up.    

I used to snowmobile in the field and beyond. And in the summer I would hike up to the forest edge just for fun. I’d be gone for hours and my parents did not have to worry about the things parents do now.    

It is very, very nice to see a nice grouping of deer. Hopefully, these guys will help prove the deer experts – and The Mom – wrong about the fate of the white tailed deer in Northern Maine.    

Thanks, Kelly!  

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  1. Sorry! I screwed up the cutline and finally noticed it. It should be good to go now!

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