Tips for sustaining a job search in 2010

I’ve been looking for work for a few months now. Nearly 10 months, to be exact.

And in that time I have signed up for quite a few email job search alerts and newsletters. One came today from and I thought I would pass it along. It listed job-search resolutions and some of them are worth considering. Here they are:

1. I will review which tactics did and did not yield results in 2009, and I will work to understand how I might improve in those areas that did not do as well as I had hoped.

2. I will set myself weekly goals during my job search and keep to their deadlines.

3. I will consider my job search a full-time job and will not become complacent with my current situation. I will prioritize my job search above television, video games or recreational internet use.

4. I will not spam my resume to companies where I am seeking employment. Instead, I will tailor my resume to each company, so that my relevant skills are stressed for each specific position of department. The company will know I am serious and intent on working there.

5. I will send thank-you cards after every interview, whether I thought the interview went well or poorly.

6. I will start attending more job fairs and networking events, including those that may put me outside of my traditional industry.

7. I will start considering a wide array of employment opportunities, instead of only the areas I’ve been used to.

8. I will provide or demonstrate my value to my newly-made contacts first, before asking for their help.

9. I will meet, whether by phone, direct e-mail, or in person, three new people who can help me in my job search each week.

10. I will not depend on my network to find a job for me, but will view it as one of several methods of finding employment.

11. I will become a fan of on Facebook to receive up to date job market information and exclusive career advice. [This is NOT an endorsement of or Facebook, although I have been using both in my own job search. I am using several dozen job websites and online service, of which is just one. – KM]

12. I will do volunteer work to keep myself busy, and to also answer the question interviewers will put to me regarding what I have been up to recently in my unemployment.

13. I will ask friends or family to give me full and honest criticism of my resume and of my interview tactics, even if it may be difficult to hear.

14. I will be open to exploring many new options in the job market, understanding that there may be interesting opportunities beyond my traditional field.

15. I will not become frustrated with my job search, or, if I do, I will not take out that frustration on my friends or family.

16. And, most importantly, I will not give up.

The last one on the list is perhaps the most important.

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