Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

Tips for covering mass shootings

I’m posting this here for any of my friends still in the news business. These are common sense tips, but worth a reminder. Here a link:

Tips for Covering Mass Shootings

Also, here’s a link to the story about Monday’s shooting:


Newspaper stock prices end the year up, by a lot

This blogger from Poynter Online often paints a rosier picture than can be supported by reality. He’s a newspapper booster, there’s no doubt. Here’s a link to the blog entry.

Newspaper Stock Prices End the Year Up, By A Lot.

Maine blogger’s look at the coming decade

A somewhat interesting look at the coming decade by Maine novelist Richard Grant in his “Coffee With That” blog on DownEast.com.

Here’s a link to “A Prophecy for the Coming Decade.”

What is Maine’s northernmost community?

From DownEast.com’s trivia chest.

What is Maine’s northernmost community?


Estcourt Station in extreme northwest Maine.