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Maine at Work: Skirting the boards might be easiest part | Portland Press Herald

Ray Routhier does everybody’s job. Really. He’s a Portland Press Herald staff writer who does unusal jobs found in Maine and then writes about them. Here’s the link to the story he wrote about learning to be an “ice technician.” He got to drive a Zamboni. Sweet!

 Maine at Work: Skirting the boards might be easiest part | Portland Press Herald.

They don’t call it the Pine Tree State for nothin’

Today’s DownEast.com trivia question asks:

How much of Maine’s land area is covered with forest?


Ninety percent, 17.7 million acres, the most of any state. (www.forest.umaine.edu)

When it says “the most of any state,” I’m guessing that’s by percentage.

Tales of horror in Haiti told in Maine newspapers

Below are links to news stories and commentary in Maine newspapers from the past day or so.

More troops, aid reaching Haiti


Disaster draws attention to Mainers’ ties with Haiti


Konbit Sante builds on background of trust


MaineToday Media’s team in Haiti


MLK breakfast focuses on Haiti


Eddington woman back home, tells of chaos in Haiti


Mainers mark MLK Day with events across state

It’s probably far too late to pass these along, but here you go anyway. Below are links to information on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Maine.

Martin Luther King Day Events

Mainers mark MLK Day with events across state

MLK breakfast focuses on Haiti

 Minister urges Mainers to embrace King’s dream