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The Herald Gazette: Environmental activist asks court to halt offshore wind power project

(As I’ve written before, I like the idea of wind power and offshore wind farms. But the guy this story is about does provide another viewpoint that is worth considering. … But then again …. — KM)

 The Herald Gazette: Environmental activist asks court to halt offshore wind power project.

Turning Seawater Into Fuel: Experiment Underway in Rockland

(I found this Maine Public Broadcasting Network story interesting in that they are talking about using seawater, air and electricity to possibly turn the water into amonia and then fuel. It is a long-term project that could go on for a decade before you see cars running on the stuff. Still interesting, though. — KM)

 Turning Seawater Into Fuel: Experiment Underway in Rockland.

Coffeehouse observation No. 23

Decaf? Why bother?

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Let them eat lobster …

Here’s a trivia questioned from DownEast.com and the answer brought to mind the quote often attributed to Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake.”

She supposedly said it after she was told that peasants had no bread. It reflected the princess’ lack of knowledge – or concern – of the famine at the time.

What key development expanded lobster’s popularity?


Once considered “poverty food,” lobsters became popular after the first cannery in Eastport was established in 1843. At their peak, Maine had more than thirty lobster canneries.

Lobster as a “poverty food” seems amazing today.

Haiti dispatches | Portland Press Herald

 Haiti dispatches | Portland Press Herald.

Vessel fills up with donations to benefit quake-struck Haiti | Portland Press Herald

 Vessel fills up with donations to benefit quake-struck Haiti | Portland Press Herald.

Former resident expands services in Haiti to house 100 children orphaned by earthquake

Here’s the top of a story in the Lewiston Sun Journal about a former Lewiston, Maine, resident who was helping orphaned Haitian children. A link to the rest of the story is below.

Again, there was no byline attached to the story or I would have included that information.

The Rev. Marc Boisvert was already making an impact in Haiti before the earthquake felt around the world rocked the small island south of Cuba.

On Tuesday, the former Lewiston resident’s impact grew deeper when his orphanage, known as Project Hope, announced that the facility would take in another 100 children orphaned as a result of the nation’s deadliest natural disaster in history.

“With our staff of 250 and over 140 acres, we have the capacity to handle the extra children left helpless because of this devastation,” Boisvert said in a press release issued Tuesday by Free the Kids, a stateside nonprofit organization that helps raise money for the Les Cayes orphanage.

Click here for the rest of the story.

For more information: www.freethekids.org.

Ice shack Shangri-la

You have got to check out this story in the Lewiston Sun Journal. And scroll down to the bottom of the story to see a couple photos of this truly palatial ice shack. (Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever believed that I would write a sentence in which “palatial” and “ice shack” would be somehow connected.)

There is no byline on the story posted on the website or I would have added it. Below is the top of the story.

Tanya Ouellette was shopping at the corner store when she overheard a conversation about homeless people living on the frozen lake.

“Those aren’t homeless people; that’s us,” Ouellette said.

She and her husband Kevin spend night after night each winter with all the comforts of home – a full kitchen, wood floors, surround sound, two televisions, a wood stove, a bathroom complete with a shower (no hot water) and a doorbell. Their home just happens to sit on a foot of ice.

“I have the best of both worlds — ‘American Idol’ and ice fishing,” Tanya said.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

Folk festival cuts budget by $140,000 – Bangor Daily News

 Folk festival cuts budget by $140,000 – Bangor Daily News.

Study: Climate changing in Casco Bay area

Study: Climate changing in Casco Bay area

Coffeehouse observation No. 21

Smooth coffee and smooth jazz. I’m just saying … smoooooth!

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