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Coffeehouse observation No. 33

Among the biggest coffeehouse dilemmas – to caffeinate or not to caffeinate in the afternoon. Certainly, most of us drag a bit in the afternoon. But it does throw off the body’s clock and make it difficult to sleep in the evening. What to do? What to do?

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Models brave cold for calendar shoot

(This is not the way I remember snowmobiling, but … — KM)

Models brave cold for calendar shoot

MaineBusiness.com | Stint as pet groomer sends reporter to the dogs

 MaineBusiness.com | Stint as pet groomer sends reporter to the dogs.

Children welcomed home

PITTSFIELD — “I love that everybody loves them so much already.”

Amanda Logiodice said this Sunday afternoon as she and her husband, Jediah, marveled at the scene inside the local Elks Lodge: About 50 people came together with food, gifts and well wishes for the Logiodices’ two newest family members.

David, 1, and Christella, 5, came from the His Home for Children orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and are now the family’s adopted children. They join the Logiodices’ three biological children: Donavan, 8, Braeden, 5, and Bella, 4.

In the aftermath of the massive earthquake there, the Logiodices were able to secure an emergency evacuation of the two children to the U.S., flying down to Miami a little over a week ago and returning home here on Wednesday. They had started the adoption process more than a year ago.

Sunday’s public celebration was organized by members of the First Baptist Church, of which the Logiodices are members, and the Elks donated their space for the occasion. Church member Liana Walker, of Troy, said the event was meant to show support and to welcome to two Haitian children into the community.

Walker said it’s remarkable the adoption worked out as it did, given the chaotic aftermath of the earthquake. Church families had already rallied community support for the Logiodices, sending them supplies and assistance so they could make the trip to Miami.

“It’s awesome; it’s truly a miracle they could get the children out,” Walker said.

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I’ll have a pair of Maine-made pajamas – and make ’em silk

The DownEast.com trivia question stumped me today.

 What exotic fabric was once produced in Maine?


Maine was once a center of silk manufacturing. The Haskell Silk Company in Westbrook produced silk textiles from 1874 to 1918.

I did not know that silk was once made in Maine. Interesting. The worms must have been a bit chilly.

Maine artist soars with eagles – Bangor Daily News

Maine artist soars with eagles – Bangor Daily News.

Quality trails draw riders – Bangor Daily News

 Quality trails draw riders – Bangor Daily News.

Coffeehouse observation No. 32

Public libraries should take a cue from chain bookstores and put in coffee bars.

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