Decommissioned aircraft carrier Portland bound?

Maine group advances

in the Navy competition

as it attempts to bring

the USS JFK as a museum

 Two Maine groups have passed the first test in its effort to bring the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy to Portland Harbor as a museum.

Three groups submitted initial applications, according to the Navy, and two advanced to the second phase of the process.

One is Maine-based JFK for ME, which has formed a nonprofit organization called the USS John F. Kennedy Museum to pursue the carrier. The identity and location of the second group are unknown, and the Navy is not releasing any information, citing the competitive process.

The initial application, about 25 pages long, addressed the Navy’s questions and concerns, said Dana Slipp, one of the Maine group’s founders. It included a letter of support from the city of Portland, drafted after a 9-0 City Council vote.

“They know we understand the complexity and enormity of bringing a ship like this to Portland,” Slipp said.

The group has until next February to complete its proposal, which will have to include many more details, including a business plan that addresses marketing, income sources, museum plans, waterfront facilities and environmental considerations.

Click on the link for the rest of today’s story by Matt Wickenheiser of the Portland Press Herald.

3 responses to “Decommissioned aircraft carrier Portland bound?

  1. Can I get in touch with Dana Slipp.Thanks

  2. Mr. Rutan: I do not have Mr. Slipp’s contact information and I could not immediately find a website for the group.

    You might contact the author of the news story and perhaps he can pass along your contact info to Mr. Slipp. Good luck!

    Portland Press Herald Staff Writer Matt Wickenheiser can be contacted at (207) 791-6316 or at

  3. Mr. Rutan: Mr. Slipp contacted me and he has been attempting to get in touch with you. I emailed to you at the email address Mr. Slipp’s contact information. If that email address is no longer in use, please contact me via the blog or via and I will pass along to you his contact info.

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