‘Black Sam’ Bellamy and the ‘pirate’s republic’ in Maine

You gotta love pirate trivia. And you had to know there was plenty of it to go around when it comes to Maine. The rocky coast must have made it a perfect place for pirates and pirate ships to hide. I also seem to recall from what my high school history teach told us in class that it was a good place to offload booze during Prohibition and marijuana during the Age of Aquarius.

Here’s the pirate trivia question from DownEast.com.

Why was Maine a special place for the pirate captain Samuel Bellamy?


Bellamy planned to establish a “pirate’s republic” in the remote Machias area of eastern Maine.

I’m not very trusting of Wikipedia, but here’s a link to the entry for Capt. Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy.

One response to “‘Black Sam’ Bellamy and the ‘pirate’s republic’ in Maine

  1. David Samuel Bellamy

    i love reading about my ancestors, met gal online said that the secret seven where looking for the Machais , treasure, and she had found many gold coins, there, i have my own idears where it might be, used too have a old map, was on a piece of cow hide, don’t remember where it is,

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