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Coffeehouse observation No. 46

Coffee doesn’t solve all the world’s problems, but it doesn’t hurt.

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NMCC takes steps to research wind power – Bangor Daily News

 NMCC takes steps to research wind power – Bangor Daily News.

Fraser execs got bonuses as company sought bankruptcy

(This sort of corporate greed really irks – but does not surprise – me, especially since we’ve seen so much of it on Wall Street. Frankly, Wall Street is going to bring upon itself a revolution if it is not careful. – KM)

Union workers miffed

after taking cut in pay

MADAWASKA, Maine — As Fraser Papers Inc. stock tumbled in 2008 and losses culminated with Fraser seeking bankruptcy protection in mid-2009, its six top-level executives received $50,000 to $162,500 in bonuses, the company’s spring 2009 report to stockholders revealed.

Fraser’s highest-paid executive was Chief Executive Officer Peter Gordon. He received a $162,500 cash bonus atop his $325,000 base salary, stock option awards of $637,500, another $15,750 in pension value and $3,126 in “other compensation.” His take in 2008: $1.14 million.

Click on the link for the rest of the update by Nick Sambides Jr. of the Bangor Daily News.

Here’s a link to another story about the bonuses: “Bonuses at Fraser small compared to other mills

Concern over captain’s health tempers crew’s excitement

MIAMI — Preparations shifted into high gear in Haiti on Monday to receive the estimated 200 tons of donated relief supplies aboard the Maine ship Sea Hunter, while hopes rose aboard the ship that its five days in limbo here could finally end today.

But even as the crew lashed down cargo and looked forward to this morning’s arrival of a shipmaster who has volunteered to sail the rest of the humanitarian mission, new worries arose about the health of Sea Hunter owner Greg Brooks of Gorham.

Brooks said he spoke at length Monday morning with Dr. William Lynders, a Connecticut physician who has sailed with Brooks’s Sub Sea Research Inc. on several of the company’s treasure-salvage voyages.

The cell phone consultation followed a call to Lynders by Brian Ryder, the Sea Hunter’s chief engineer and shipboard medic. Ryder said he was worried about Brooks’ physical condition, including what appears to be a lung infection.

“I thought I was a strong guy, I still think I am,” Brooks said. “But it’s been a month of overwhelming things.”

Brooks said he would decide by this morning whether to continue on to Haiti or fly home to Maine after seeing the Sea Hunter off. Either way, he said, the decision will not be easy.

Click on the link for the rest of this column by Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald.

Mr. Nemitz also added a Reporter’s Notebook about the Sea Hunter. A notebook typically are bits and pieces a reporter gathers, but never seems to find place in the main story or column. Here’s a link to the notebook by Mr. Nemitz.


Wescott wins gold again | Portland Press Herald

Wescott wins gold again | Portland Press Herald

Back home in Carrabassett Valley, ‘everybody knew he could do it’

North Berwick concert to benefit Haitian orphans, amputees


Below is the text from a press release I received via e-mail from Susan Ropars of the Higher Ground Singers. It is pretty much the same information I passed along yesterday from the Portland Press Herald, but it doesn’t hurt to pass it along again.

Benefit Concert for Haiti: Higher Ground Singers, directed by Michelle Lessard, is excited to be hosting “Spirit and Song United for Haiti” at 1PM on Sunday, March 7th at Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine.

Featuring a wide variety of Seacoast Area musicians and talents, this event is sure to appeal to all ages. Helen Ksypka, aka Extreme Helen, will emcee the benefit, which includes such local legends as Sharon Jones, Barbara London, Salt River, Rock My Soul, The Digbees, Lesley Smith & Sammie Snail, and Women Singing Out! Other performers include Barb Whitney, Michael Tero, The Dover First Parish Praise Team and Sweet Willie D & The North Shore Gospel Ambassadors.

Donations from the heart will graciously be accepted at the door, and 100% of the proceeds will be given to the following organizations:

Hands and Feet Project: a nonprofit organization which is a children’s orphanage/village in Jacmel, Haiti. They are currently rebuilding the homes that were destroyed in the orphanage and providing medical care to the injured children. (www.handsandfeetproject.org)

 NEBCO Foundation – Haiti Amputee Rehab Team (HART): a New Hampshire-based team of doctors, working with the New England Brace Co. to provide prosthetics to children who lost limbs as a result of the earthquake. This team of doctors will be making their first trip to Haiti in early March. (www.nebcofoundation.org)

As always, do your homework before giving to any organization. The Better Business Bureau is always a great place to start to check out a charity.