Earthquake in Maine – 3.0

The New England Seismic Network at the Weston Observatory at Boston College is reporting that there was a 3.0 magnitude earthquake a couple of hours ago south of Bangor.

Here are a couple of links to find out detailed information if you want it.

NESN recent earthquakes spreadsheet:

NESN map of the epicenter location: OK, the link to the map of the epicenter location doesn’t seem to be working, but if you go to the previous link, there is a “Map” link to the right of the entry for the earthquake. Click on that and you’ll find a map showing where in the state the earthquake happened.

NESN general information and earthquake history in the region:

Maine Geological Survey:

I live in California so earthquakes are a part of life, but the first earthquake I felt happened while I was living in Maine where I was born and raised. A fault runs under the St. Lawrence Seaway and one day it shifted, waking me from a fairly deep sleep. We lived pretty close to a busy road, so my first thought was that a logging rig had gone by a little too fast and shaken up the place. But the news coverage later showed that it had been a temblor.

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