Strunk’s style pal was best known resident of Hancock County town

I found today’s triva question interesting on several levels. William Strunk and E.B. White’s “The Elements of Style” is an essential part of any writer’s toolbox. I have worn out more than a copy or two in my 23 years as a journalist.

And to learn that one of the authors lived – and now is buried – in a coastal Maine community is yet another indication of Maine’s impact on the world of American literature.

What Brooklin author is known for his tale about a spider who had a way with words?


E.B. “Andy” White, author of “Charlotte’s Web.” He also wrote “The Trumpet of the Swan,” and “Stuart Little” and co-authored “The Elements of Style” with William Strunk.

Brooklin, by the way, is on a point west of Mount Desert Island and once was part of Sedgwick.

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