Coffeehouse observation No. 100

If you’re gonna drink coffee while using the coffeehouse WiFi, there is a great chance you’re gonna also come across some coffee-related stuff online. I came across a blog for Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Company in Sioux City, Iowa. I loved the name right away, but then I read the “About Us” and thought I would pass along that and links to Jumpy Monkey’s website and blog. Here’s the Jumpy Monkey About Us and the links are below.

This is where the real story of the Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Company becomes not only interesting but truly exciting. In June of 2003, Jumpy Monkey was acquired by Opportunities Unlimited in Sioux City, Iowa. Opportunities Unlimited (“OU”) is a rehabilitation facility that provides services to individuals that have sustained a traumatic brain injury, taking them back into the main-stream of life. 

 Successful rehab rates throughout the ten year history of OU, have risen to points as high as fifty percent. OU is an organization that truly lives its mission statement of “Maximizing Personal Potential Through Dignified and Purposeful Living.” One of the many key factors in the rehabilitation process is our vocational services where clients are able to again become a part of the work force and earn a paycheck.

 Jumpy Monkey coffee roasting has become one of the key contracts serviced through the OU vocational area. In summation, with your purchase of Jumpy Monkey products, not only are you receiving a high quality, high value product, but you are also assisting in the employment of people with disabilities. Come pay us a visit, we would love to show you what we have to offer.

 Jumpy Monkey website:

Jumpy Monkey blog:

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