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Maine organic farmers launch grain mill | Lewiston Sun Journal

Maine organic farmers launch grain mill | Lewiston Sun Journal

In search of pirate treasure on a Maine island

Tales of buried treasure have sparked the imagination of young and old for centuries. The high-seas adventure of boarding a ship or fending off marauders, the clink of clashing cutlasses and the boom of canons, it all stirs excitement in most of us.

Maine’s coast is a tough, rough, rugged fortress of surf-honed granite. It has been a favorite place frequented by pirates, smugglers, bootleggers, and drug mules.

So here is today’s trivia question from DownEast.com about buried treasure.


On what island is Captain Kidd’s treasure reportedly buried?


Jewell Island in Casco Bay is most commonly mentioned as the pirate’s hiding place, but before he was hanged he gave his wife a piece of paper with the numbers 44-10-66-18, which have been interpreted as the latitude and longitude of Deer Isle. Richmond Island and Squirrel Island have also been mentioned.


If you aren’t a Cool Moose, you’re just not trying

Here is the Cool Moose logo on a hat given to me by my sister for my birthday.

This is the back side of the hat. Bridgton is east of where my sister and her family live in Western Maine.

For some reason that still escapes me, I wore a hate yesterday that my sister got me for my birthday.
Or it might have been Christmas.
I joked on Facebook yesterday: “Keith Michaud is wearing a cap that has a moose on the front. The antlers spell out “Cool Moose.” And Keith is not at all embarrassed. … Well, perhaps a little.”
A former coworker – who happened to have the intelligence and presence of mind to marry a Maine girl – shot back: “rock that with pride!” So here is a photo of the front “Cool Moose” logo – sorry about the sharpness; still learning the new camera. And a photo of the back. Bridgton is a town to the east of where my sister and family live in Western Maine.
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