I was born in the friendliest town in Maine

It’s always nice to be considered the “friendliest” person on the block. It may be even more compelling to be from the friendliest town in a state.

Well, I’m not from that town, but I was born there. I was born in a hospital that was on a hill overlooking the river that served as the U.S.-Canada border as it flowed through Fort Kent, Maine, one of two cities in the Pine Tree State to claim the title of “The Friendliest Town in Maine.” The other is Wells, on the coast.

At least, that’s according to the DownEast.com trivia question today.

What two towns both lay claim to the title “The Friendliest Town in Maine?”


Fort Kent and Wells

Fort Kent is the city in which my parents went to high school, as I recall, and pretty much was the center of my early years. I recall driving from Portage to Fort Kent to visit relatives and friends and for family functions, to shop, and for medical care – dentist, doctor, and optometrist.

And while our family visited Wells when I was a child and we had a very lovely stay, I do have relatives living in Fort Kent to this day and I most certainly have to give Fort Kent the edge when it comes to friendliness.

Well, perhaps not the agents at the border crossing. They’re not always that friendly.

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