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Coffeehouse observation No. 165

The hot temperatures mean I’ve switched to iced green tea. Doesn’t have the same punch as coffee. Ah, well. …

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Hmm, let’s declare war on Great Britain | DownEast.com

You gotta love today’s DownEast.com trivia question.

Who was the only United States governor to declare war on a foreign power?


Maine Gov. John Fairfield declared war on Great Britain on March 18, 1840, opening the bloodless Aroostook War over Maine’s northern boundary with Canada.

Given the independent nature of Mainers, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I’m not sure if it was after this “war” that surveyors went down the Saint John River to establish a boundary when locals invited them to a party, got them drunk, and sent the surveyors down a wrong tributary to the north of where they were supposed to go.

Eventually, the surveyors realized what had happened and the made two surveyor’s lines in order to meet up again with their intended route. The result was that Maine ended up with a bunch more land than it was supposed to have and Canada a bit less.

Gay marriage to the fore in Augusta | Bangor Daily News

Gay marriage to the fore in Augusta – Bangor Daily News.

Man: Drug debt played role in Amity killings | Bangor Daily News

Man: Drug debt played role in Amity killings – Bangor Daily News.

Unemployment takes a toll | The Reporter

[The newspaper where I worked for more than 13 years  and where I served as the opinion page editor for several years was gracious enough to publish a commentary I wrote in the paper’s Sunday Op-Ed section. There is a typo at the beginning of the second sentence of the online version of the piece, which I’m guessing happened when they converted it for the website. Please ignore the X. Thanks. — KM]

Unemployment takes a toll – The Reporter, July 11, 2010.

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