Talk about your dream jobs – island caretaker

OK, there is something mystically adventurous and appealing about living on an island. You don’t have to worry about traffic, noisy neighbors, or getting too lost.

On the other hand, there’s only so much you can see on island, entertainment options are pretty limited, and help can be a long way away should anything go wrong.

Still, this ad on caught my eye. I kind of wish I met the job requirements.

“Summer community of approx 50 families in Casco Bay, Portland, ME, seeks year-round caretaker who is a self starter with strong people skills and can juggle multiple demands. Preference given to candidates with strong mechanical and trade skills, and waterfront capabilities. Compensation includes salary, aid to partner, benefits, housing, utilities, and a mooring. Owner of a sturdy boat is preferred.”

I can pass along the address if anyone is interested.

One response to “Talk about your dream jobs – island caretaker

  1. It appears that this position has been filled. I can no longer find it on the various job websites. Sorry for those of you who wanted/needed such a job.

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