Maine Farm Days offers view of real farm life | Lewiston Sun Journal

LEEDS, Maine — More than 1,500 farmers, vendors and visitors came to the Barker Farm on Friday to see what real farm life is like.

“It’s real animals. People are actually making a living out of it. It’s not the pretty picture people usually think of. It’s reality,” said Larry Thornburg, a beef cow farmer from Richmond and a member of the Maine Farm Days Committee. 

Jane Heikkinen of the Androscoggin Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, one of the sponsors of this year’s Maine Farm Days, said unlike Maine’s Open Farm Day, which allows people to visit many farms across the state each summer, this two-day event, which continues Saturday, concentrates on only one working farm.

“It focuses on one farm that has usually been given awards for excellence,” Heikkinen explained. The farm that is selected is usually located in the central Maine area for convenience. This is the second year that the five-generation Barker Farm in Androscoggin County has been selected to host the longtime event.

Click for the rest of the story by Leslie H. Dixon in the Lewiston Sun Journal.

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