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Our View: California shows how pot dispensaries can work | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Our View: California shows how pot dispensaries can work | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

Annual Maine law enforcement summer pot harvesting under way | Lewiston Sun Journal

MEXICO, Maine — Law enforcement officials in Western Maine say there could be a bumper crop of marijuana this year, based on outside growing conditions and the number of plants seized so far.

Police are finding that plants cultivated outdoors are doing much better than in the past two years put together, Oxford County Marijuana Eradication Coordinator Chancey Libby said.

“Two years ago, we were finding pathetic-looking plants that were over-watered and drowned by all the rain,” Cpl. Libby said.

The lack of rain this summer, however, means people who cultivate marijuana outdoors have to work that much harder to grow it, which increases the risk of getting caught, Libby said.

“We’ve had such a nice, dry summer that these people will have to tote more water in,” he said.

The county’s biggest haul so far came on Aug. 3 when 298 plants were seized in Andover.

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Greats Falls Balloon Festival marks successful second day | Lewiston Sun Journal

LEWISTON, Maine — Thousands of people crowded into Simard-Payne Memorial Park on Saturday for the second day of the Great Falls Balloon Festival.

For some, the festival was a way to make money for charity. For others, it was a way to have fun with family.   

For 7-year-old Adriana Ellis of Farmingdale, it was all about the balloons.

“Mama, look at that one!” she squealed, jumping up and down as a rainbow-colored balloon slowly rose above the crowd Saturday evening. “I want a ride!”

Festival-goers and balloonists enjoyed some of the best weather the festival has seen in years. With little wind and clear skies, all 28 balloons took to the air Saturday morning, rising in waves until the sky was filled with color.

“It’s probably as beautiful of a launch as we’ve had,” balloon meister John Reeder said.

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Jobless rate drops in 18 states, rises in Maine | Bangor Daily News

Jobless rate drops in 18 states, rises in Maine – Bangor Daily News.

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‘Perfect’ Machias Wild Blueberry Festival draws thousands | Bangor Daily News

MACHIAS, Maine — The sky, the pies, the berries and the banners all shared the same hue. Even some of the faces were looking blue, but only on those who wanted to smear them with a sticky goo as they competed to be the first ones through.

The pie-eating contest, the music and food put thousands of people in a good mood on Saturday as they celebrated a small edible berry at the annual Machias Wild Blueberry Festival.

And the combination of sunny weather and pleasant temperatures helped draw people in, according to Ellen Farnsworth, co-chairwoman of the annual event. She said last year’s festival was hot and that in 2008 it was rainy. On Saturday, there were almost no clouds in the sky and outdoor thermometers read approximately 70 degrees.

“This is perfect,” Farnsworth said of the weather.

As usual, the Centre Street Congregational Church was the center of action Saturday, as it is for the festival every year. The church sponsors and organizes the festival, which has been held every August since 1975. The church is where the festival play is staged, where the blueberry pie-eating contest is held and where many of the musical acts perform.

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More information is available at www.machiasblueberry.com.

Coffeehouse observation No. 185

I just spotted two middle-aged white guys fist bump on the patio of the coffeehouse and thought it, um, odd. Is there an age limit on fist bumping? One Facebook friend says that it’s all a matter of “coolness quotient” and she says I am cool enough to pull it off, even if I am 48. Another Facebook friend says 17 is the limit and another says I should find another place to hang out.  But too many pretty college girls come in and it would cut into things I can post here. Oh, the sacrifices I make.

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