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They’re all logged on: Serous outdoors competitions kick off Woodsmen’s Day | Kennebec Journal

WINDSOR – Lynn Faustino and Carol Grime found their stance, gripped the handles and tested the teeth of a two-handled crosscut saw before ripping through a log.

The two women from Rochester, Mass., teamed up for the women’s crosscut saw competition Monday at the 14th Annual Woodsmen’s Day at the Windsor Fair.

Blistering heat continued Monday on the second day of the fair, which ends Labor Day. But Faustino, a 42-year-old registered nurse, and Grime, 60, who works for a logging company, were barely breaking a sweat.

They made the first cut. Then a second.

The saw vibrated as its teeth ground into the wood fiber, dislodging sawdust and spilling it onto the ground.

Faustino said lumberjack competitions are great exercise, and they get to meet a lot of nice people.

“My husband got me into it,” Faustino said after her match. “I did it for six years and just started up again because my son’s doing it now. It’s really great fun, and we get to travel a lot.”

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Sugarloaf unveils plans to double size of ski slopes | Bangor Daily News

Sugarloaf ski resort expansion to Burnt Mountain.

Sugarloaf ski resort expansion to Burnt Mountain.

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine – Sugarloaf Mountain is celebrating its 60th anniversary as a ski resort and thousands call Maine’s second highest peak their home mountain. For as long as skiers have hit the slopes there, they’ve looked longingly to the east and wondered “what if?”

What if the neighboring mountain was open to skiing, too?

“We’ve been talking about Burnt Mountain for 59 1/2 years,” Sugarloaf General Manager John Diller said at a Tuesday press conference.

The talking is over.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 195

They are tearing up the parking lot outside Exotic Java today and paving tomorrow. Exotic Java will be closed on Wednesday, according to the folks here, but stop buy later in the week for a Red Eye or other fine caffeinated beverage.

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