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The killer catch: Groundfishing in Atlantic the deadliest by far | Portland Press Herald

Study: Scalloping also more risky than fishing

for Alaskan king crab seen in television series

Fishing for scallops or groundfish in the Atlantic is more dangerous than fishing for king crabs off Alaska, says a new federal study.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has found that the highest death rates for commercial fishermen – whose occupation is one of the most dangerous in the country – are among groundfishermen and scallopers.

With safety improvements made by Alaska’s crab industry in recent decades, Alaskan crab is no longer the deadliest catch, despite the image conveyed by the “Deadliest Catch” cable TV reality series, which chronicles the working lives of Alaskan crab fishermen.

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After 98 years, an apology long overdue | Portland Press Herald

A copy of a photo by Frederick Thompson from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, September 1882, shows residents on Malaga Island.

A copy of a photo by Frederick Thompson from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, September 1882, shows residents on Malaga Island.

MALAGA ISLAND, Maine – It was, in all likelihood, a record crowd. Never before in its documented history had anywhere near 90 people gathered at the same time on this craggy, wooded island at the mouth of the New Meadows River

Yet here they stood Sunday afternoon – elected officials, archaeologists, journalists, human rights activists and, most notably, descendants of the mixed-race families who once called this 41-acre island home – all to hear two simple words.

“To the descendants of Benjamin Darling, let me just say that I’m sorry,” said Gov. John Baldacci as a late-summer breeze whispered through the spruce trees. “I’m sorry for what was done. It wasn’t right and we were raised better than that. We’re better people than that.”

Maybe you’ve heard the story of Malaga Island – and then again, maybe you haven’t.

It’s not pleasant.

Just a few hundred yards from Phippsburg’s western shoreline, Malaga Island was home in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to anywhere from 25 to 40 people who lived in dirt-floor, ramshackle homes and eked out a living fishing the tides in the New Meadows River and doing whatever menial work they could find on the mainland.

Most traced their lineage to Benjamin Darling, a black man who had bought and settled on a nearby island in 1794. Some were black, others were white, still others were a mixture of the two.

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Bangor hits snag in manager search | Bangor Daily News

Bangor hits snag in manager search | Bangor Daily News.

5 things to do this weekend | Bangor Daily News

5 things to do this weekend | Bangor Daily News.

25 fun fall things to do in Maine | Bangor Daily News

Your alarm goes off in the morning. After coffee, a shower, reading the newspaper and getting dressed, you’re out the door — and that’s when it hits you.

There’s a slight chill in the air. A yellow leaf flutters gently to the ground. Your clothing isn’t warm enough. Autumn has arrived.

In between unpacking your sweaters and bringing in the patio furniture, the change of season means a renewed vigor for experiencing all that Maine has to offer. From leaf-peeping driving trips around the state to Halloween events, from apple picking to concert-going, the fall is the time when Mainers really get to bask in the glory.

The gold, red, orange and yellow that light up treetops lasts only about a month — so what are you waiting for? Get out and have fun, before you make that appointment to put on your snow tires.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 204

One of the Exotic Java baristas just accused me of having “spidy senses.” Cool! Very, very cool! … But now I will have the Spiderman theme song in my head for the rest of the day. … “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can ….”

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