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Baldacci a B+ on environment, group says | Bangor Daily News

Baldacci a B+ on environment, group says | Bangor Daily News.

Money stolen from Maine island town in ’88 returned | Bangor Daily News

Money stolen from Maine island town in ’88 returned | Bangor Daily News.

Thousands of toy cars yield thousands of kid smiles | Bangor Daily News

Most people’s basements are packed full. Old family photographs, records, furniture, you name it. But Tom Christensen’s basement is full of cars. Often as many as 5,000 at a time.

The handmade wooden cars Christensen assembles in his basement workshop are donated to children in hospitals and homeless shelters, or those with parents in the military or in prison.

“It’s all about making some kids happy,” Christensen says. “There are a lot of kids in tough situations that they didn’t cause. It gives them a time to step out of their problem for a while. Some kids just need to know somebody cares about them.”

The project began in 2007 when the University of Maine professor of electrical engineering technology saw an article in Workbench magazine. It was about the ToyMakers, a Florida organization that provides free wooden toys to children in need.

Christensen founded the ToyMakers of Bangor, and at first, he spent up to an hour and a half creating each car as a custom-painted work of art.

Click here for the rest of the story by Kathleen MacFarline in the Bangor Daily News.

Komen Race for the Cure draws 5,000 to Bangor | Bangor Daily News

Komen Race for the Cure draws 5,000 to Bangor | Bangor Daily News.

Lady Gaga to speak, but not perform, at Portland rally | Bangor Daily News

Lady Gaga to speak, but not perform, at Portland rally | Bangor Daily News.

Global 500 Report: Climate change climbs boardroom agenda | SustainableBusiness.com News

Climate Change Climbs Boardroom Agenda – Global 500 Report.