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Lewiston couple to defend Wife Carrying Championship title | Lewiston Sun Journal

NEWRY — The Lewiston couple who won last fall’s North American Wife Carrying Championship will defend their title next month when Sunday River Ski Resort hosts the 11th annual event.

Held on Saturday, Oct. 9, the event marks the couple’s last chance to qualify for the World Wife Carrying Championship in Finland held in July of next year.

The Newry event touts a prize list including the wife’s weight in beer, five times her weight in cash, and serious bragging rights, resort spokeswoman Darcy Morse said in a Thursday report.

With a time of 54.45 seconds last year, Dave and Lacey Castro of Lewiston beat a field of 46 couples coming from as far away as California.

“Last year’s champions, Dave and Lacey Castro, have already signed up and are definitely planning on defending their title,” Morse said.

Click for the video of last year’s event and the rest of the story by Terry Karkos in the Lewiston Sun Journal.

Registration for the event is available online and open until the day of the event, Morse said. Cost is $45 per team. For more information on the NAWCC or any of the events happening during this Fall Festival Weekend, visit www.sundayriver.com.

Wounded Marine gets hero’s welcome in Washburn | Bangor Daily News

Wounded Marine gets hero’s welcome | Bangor Daily News.

Lobster prices hold as catch remains high | Bangor Daily News

Lobster prices hold as catch remains high | Bangor Daily News.

This weekend, visit the Common Ground Fair or see Maine phenom Spose | Bangor Daily News

This weekend, visit the Common Ground Fair or see Maine phenom Spose | Bangor Daily News.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 206

I walked into Exotic Java today on a somewhat tight schedule and was disappointed to see four people in line in front of me. But they were served promptly and cleared away from the counter … where my drink was already waiting. Barista Andrew had spotted me through the drive-through window coming into the coffeehouse and had already started and finished making the drink before I arrived at the counter. I frequent empresso most often, followed by Exotic Java, with Starbucks and Peets a distant third and fourth. The baristas at both empresso and Exotic Java are excellent at what they do and are quite friendly. The owners of both coffeehouses should be proud, because often workers are a reflection of the work ethic of their bosses and a sign of the respect the hold for their bosses.

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