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TOURISM IN MAINE: Going beyond moose, lobster and lighthouses | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

TOURISM IN MAINE: Going beyond moose, lobster and lighthouses | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME.


• The state’s tourism office is funded by 5 percent of the 7 percent tax imposed on meals and lodging.
• The office seeks at least a $2 return in tax revenue on every $1 invested in tourism.
• The average amount of annual paid vacation for international visitors is 4-6 weeks.
• VisitMaine.com, the state’s tourism website, lists top attractions of: dramatic coastline and sandy beaches; more than 3,000 lakes, ponds and rivers; 64 lighthouses; four national scenic byways; distinctive small towns; and the city of Portland as a “top 100 food destination.”
• Most of the tourism’s office’s international marketing is handled through a consortium of states called Discover New England.
• The top international markets for Maine, in order, are Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Source: Maine Office of Tourism


Coffeehouse observation No. 252 – Greening coffee from field to coffeehouses

[I was scanning the job postings hosted by www.treehugger.com when I spotted several blog postings about greening coffee production and coffeehouses. Here are links to those posts. – KM]

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