Polishing up vow to be a better blogger – I promise … again

OK, so nearly two weeks ago I vowed – yep, VOWED – to be much better at posting new content on this blog. Promises were made, intensions brushed off and polished up.

But what happened?


Well, not quite “nothing.” I caught a head cold that, while low-grade in nature, has been sticking around for a while. There were several days running that I simply could not manage to hold me head over my keyboard.

And that put me behind in other vital things such as searching for a job.

But the fog is lifting. The head is less stuffy. The nose is less runny. The cough is less annoying.

So, I’m back. (I know you’ve all been waiting for it.) And I have a few entries planned in the next few days.

Until then, have a very lovely day.

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