Coffeehouse observation No. 289 – Mighty mite snuff out smoker

A guy – he looks pretty down on his luck and smells as if it has been quite a while since his most recent shower – is sitting near the windows of the coffeehouse. A little while ago he lit a cigarette and I exchanged glances of disbelief with the guy sitting at the table next to me. Smokers in California haven’t been allowed to light up inside businesses for years. A mite of a woman here checking her email – because she wasn’t keeping her tiny boys in check – spoke up and told him to go outside to smoke. He didn’t and she went for a barista. Baristas are the law in the coffeehouse, as you probably know. The fellow sitting by the window put it out by the time the barista arrived. Good for the tiny woman for speaking up, although it would be nice if she directed a bit of that toward wrangling in her boys.

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One response to “Coffeehouse observation No. 289 – Mighty mite snuff out smoker

  1. The fella came back into the coffeehouse today smelling even worse than he did the other day, if that was possible. He was served, but the owner — who was not in the shop the other day — asked him nicely to leave and even gave him a map to the local homeless shelter. Now it is up to him to take advantage of the services available there and get help for himself.

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