I’m back … at least for now

I haven’t written here lately because of a bit of good fortune.

A friend contacted me a few weeks ago that the editor of a magazine for which he is the part-time art director was in need of a writer for a project – a 2,000-word story on Spaceport America and Virgin Galactic. Both have great websites with tons of info so check them out.

The story is supposed to appear in the May edition of the magazine and I’ll be sure to include a link when it is published.

And then last week, another friend tipped me off to another job, one that might be ongoing for the time being. That’s great, especially since I haven’t worked in two years. I certainly use the work.

I was staying away from freelancing mostly because of the added work. Not only do you have to be the journalist, but the salesperson and the bookkeeper and you don’t have benefits and on and on. But I am very grateful for both gigs and I am looking forward to find more freelance work.

I won’t write too much about the first job until the story is published. And the second job is more of a behind-the-scenes writing gig and I won’t be able to claim it for a clip. But that’s OK; they are paying me nicely.

So, I’m back again. … At least, until my next freelance writing gig.

Oh, and please feel free to contact me if you are in need of website content or other writing, editing and blogging. I am sure we can work out a reasonable agreement.

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