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Coffeehouse observation No. 308 – Girl, you got a panda on your head

There’s a woman in the coffeehouse wearing a panda bear head-hat. … Why? Seriously, why?

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3 of 10 Mainers approve of LePage’s performance | The Associated Press via Lewiston Sun Journal

3 of 10 Mainers approve of LePage’s performance | The Associated Press via Lewiston Sun Journal

Too early to say Mitchell failed in Mideast mission: Groundwork for peace may have been laid in past two years | Portland Press Herald

“A true patriot who has answered the call to serve time and again, George Mitchell has had an impressive career. He has served admirably through his tireless work to broker peace in the Middle East. Although he is stepping down from this role, the mission will continue, and George Mitchell’s diligence, patience and intelligence will have helped pave the way toward a lasting peace. The citizens of Maine, and the world, are proud of his great work.” – Sen. Susan Collins

Those who interpret George Mitchell’s stepping down as special envoy to the Middle East as a sign of his failure there overlook his diplomatic track record.

In her statement after the announcement that George Mitchell was stepping down as President Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East, Sen. Susan Collins encapsuled Mitchell’s amazing legacy in 77 carefully chosen, understated words.

He is a true patriot, Collins said, and she referenced his diligence, patience and intelligence.

No news there, but surely confirmation of what Mitchell’s fellow Mainers have always known and the rest of the world has learned over the years: George J. Mitchell Jr. is a great American, a devoted and resourceful diplomat, a man who has honored, sustained and enhanced our state’s long tradition of public service.

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