There is more to come

Greetings! I have not updated this in a while, but I fully intend to in the coming weeks. First, I am no longer with the Central Valley Business Journal. I am now a Media Relations Coordinator for the University of the Pacific, and I’m very pleased about that.

I spent about 25 years in newspapers as a staff writer, copy editor, columnist, assistant news editor, opinion page editor, assistant city editor, and finally editor of the Central Valley Business Journal. It was time to move on and it is proving and will continue to prove to be a very positive thing for me.

In coming weeks I will post work I did at the CVBJ and some of the stories I am working on at Pacific. It is an exciting time for me and I look forward to the future.

4 responses to “There is more to come

  1. It is a great opportunity for you and you deserve it. I am very proud of you and for our future too.

  2. Keith, have you abandoned this blog? Lots of things re: EPI and Roxanne Quimby’s dream for a National Park/National Recreation Area are going on, some winning grudging approval of Mainers, some not so much. This weekend, the BDN has an article entitled “Official or not, Roxanne Quimby’s park vision taking shape”.

    • No, I haven’t abandoned it … completely. The blog was started and sustained while I was out of work for 2 1/2 years. Thankfully, I’ve been working again for a couple of years and it has been difficult finding time for blogging. I hope to give it a restart in the next few weeks. Please check back.


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