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Katahdin’s Abol Trail closed for 2014 season | Bangor Daily News

Abol Trail, a popular hiking route up Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, is closed for the 2014 season due to landslide activity that would make hiking dangerous, park officials announced Thursday.

“We’re most worried about having someone get hurt up there and not being able to help them,” said Baxter State Park Authority Director Jensen Bissell.

Late in the winter, debris began moving on Abol Slide, resulting in a debris field that could continue to shift in months to come. Not just rocks, but large boulders are currently unstable along the trail.

“Hundreds of rocks now — that are the size of your car — they’re gonna move,” Bissell said.

“This is likely to be a longer term closure,” he continued. “We need to evaluate this through the year.”

Hikers found on the trail during this closure will be subject to summons by law enforcement, a $200 fine, and they will be billed for the cost of any search and rescue expenses incurred on their behalf, according to Baxter State Park Authority.

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