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No wonder I’m miserable!

According to a Forbes.com story, the city in which I live is No. 2 on the list of America’s Most Miserable Cities. That may seem like quite a terrible distinction, but Stockton, Calif., was in the No. 1 spot last year, so this is an improvement … I suppose.

And nearby cities of Modesto and Sacramento are on the top-20 list, too.

If it wasn’t winter, I might be on my way to New England to find something a little less, well, miserable. (No New England city made the list. New York and a slew of Midwestern cities were on the list along with Stockton, Modesto and Sacramento.)

The economy, crime and other factors were used to determine the misery of the cities.

Here’s a link to the Forbes story, but be warned that the slideshow is sluggish. Oh, and a warning about the information: The photo used in the slideshow to represent Stockton is a photo of a murder suspect from a different city, not Stockton. At least, that is the photo as of this afternoon. They may change it later, but certainly they should have used a much better photo.

And there is a video about what Stockton is doing to get off the list completely.