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Maine author to sign new book | Bangor Daily News

Maine author to sign new book – Bangor Daily News.

Coffeehouse observation No. 50

A lovely young woman in a green sweater and jeans was at the coffeehouse yesterday before I arrived and was still there when I left about six hours later. And she was reading … a book. Not an ebook, not a website, not a blog, not the back of a ceral box. A book. Granted, I believe it was a romance novel, but it was a book. A book! Go figure! She’s back today. And as she did yesterday, she shed her shoes and put her bare feet up on a vacant chair.

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MPBN: Master Maine Guide, musician adds ‘author’ to resume

Maine guides are something akin to those Alaska wilderness guides we here in the West hear about. They are larger than life and versed in all skills needed for going into the wilderness and – more importantly – coming out of the wilderness.

Every Maine guide I met stood like a giant over all those who were fortunate to be near them. Part of that could have been because I was a child when I was around them.

There were guides in my family and they were giants, too.

Here is a link to a Maine Public Broadcast Network interview with a Maine master guide and musician Randy Spencer who wrote a book, “Where Cool Waters Flow,” that may or may not be of interesting to those of you who wander into the woods from time to time.