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Maine’s packing heat: More people are legally carrying concealed guns in Maine | Lewiston Sun Journal

Who are they? Lots of women and ‘more normal people than people might expect.’

It is, by her own admission, a worst-case scenario.

“Jane” wants to be able to protect herself if an intruder breaks into the house and gets the jump on her husband.

“If something happened and you drop the gun and you’re dead on the floor, I’ve got to know how to use it,” she told him.

So, last weekend, after a lot of thought, the couple attended a local five-hour gun safety course. On Tuesday, they applied for concealed firearms permits at the Lewiston Police Department. Jane’s husband used to target practice as a kid with his father. She’s never shot a gun in her life.

“It’s such a tough, tough decision, at least for me it was,” said Jane, who’s in her late 30s. “I still don’t know if it came down to it, shooting to wound or taking a life, if I can do it.”

Click on the link for the rest of today’s story by Kathryn Skelton in the Lewiston Sun Journal.