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Have they got your number?

It is a terrible feeling to be victimized. And with the Internet, it gets even scarier.

Below is the top of a story in the Lewiston Sun Journal that also provides tips on how to avoid being victimized. There is a lot of info and, frankly, I didn’t get through the story on the first try. But I wanted to pass along the information as a reminder to take care at all times.

A laptop’s stolen in Seattle and 205 Starbucks employees in Maine get word that a thief has their Social Security numbers.

The World Bank slips up and posts payroll records online. For four Mainers that means the very public outing of their bank account numbers.

A Fox Entertainment employee in Los Angeles pokes around company files containing Social Security numbers and salaries, and, hello — sees three that belong to Mainers.

It happens more frequently than you’d guess.

Click the link to read the rest of “Have they got your number?” by the Lewiston Sun Journal’s Kathryn Skelton.