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Maine stuff in my California apartment No. 2


Don't mind the guy in the photo. He's just "from away." But he does have Maine stuff in his California apartment, including the T-shirt, cup, moose crossing sign, and chili bowl.


How could you have a set of photos of Maine stuff in a California apartment without having some of moose stuff.

You may notice that there is no question mark after the previous sentence. That’s because it was so obviously rhetorical that I didn’t bother with one. Moose and Maine go together like, well, blueberries and Maine and lobsters and Maine and trees and Maine and … well, you get the point.

Yes, I have moose stuff from Maine in my California apartment. You will notice in the top photo alone that I am wearing a T-shirt and holding a cup with moose on each. The phrase on the cup reads “Moose Country: I brake for moose,” which is a great idea, breaking for moose, that is. Those gangling, clumsy, majestic monstrosities of Maine can do much damage to a vehicle – and the vehicle occupants – in a collision. They are best avoided on the road.

Anyway, back to the photo, you’ll notice a moose on a chili bowl on the shelf behind me. It’s currently holding stick matches for cigars. And there’s a moose crossing sign on the floor. I’m pretty sure I still have a T-shirt with a moose crossing sign on it, but I can’t recall just where it might be.

I’m also wearing hat with a moose on it with “Cool Moose” written in the moose’s antlers, but I seem to have inadvertently cropped that out of the photo. Just take my word for it.

I’ve included a few other photos of moose stuff from Maine in my California apartment.

This is an occasional multipart series of photos of things related to Maine that can be found in Keith Michaud’s California apartment. Keith Michaud shot today’s photos.

Here's a closer look at the chili bowl. My sister sent it to me this past Christmas. Or the Christmas before. I really didn't want to eat chili out of it so it currently holds stick matches I use for cigars.

Here's a closer look at the moose crossing sign. I am pretty sure I still have a T-shirt with the same design on it.

This is the design on the hat I'm wearing that was cropped out of the top photo. I posted a photo of the hat earlier.

I receved these lovely moose coffee cups this past Christmas. I love 'em because they desplay the essence of the moose. And there's a stuffed moose sitting in the cup on the left. I don't recall when or where I received the moose, but it is cute. At least, as far as moose go.

Oh, yeah, moose go with Maine like maple syrup goes with Maine. Here’s a maple syrup pitcher with a moose on it.

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