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Coffeehouse observation No. 99

OK, this really isn’t one of my coffeehouse observation, but his came to me via a former co-worker and Facebook connection who happened to be in the same coffeehouse that I frequent. The guy he is commenting on is a bit, um, unusual. He frequently talks to himself, paces quite a bit – as the observation notes – and he does create some rather detailed pieces with ink on the reverse side of paper grocery bags. Trust me, we are not making fun of his challenges; however, one day I did witness him have an argument with himself … and lose.

“The schizo guy at this cafe is going to make it impossible for me to work here. He’s walking back and forth in front of me and by me, slowly and pointedly, waiting for me to look so he can shove another of his insane scrolls at me. …

“The scrolls are pseudo-magic spells or ancient writing, just gibberish with the occasional bit of legible profanity or some D&D word, like DARKAXE, then every once in awhile, a racial slur. All written on the inside of a paper grocery bag, cut and reassembled to resemble parchment.”

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