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Two things I didn’t know about Bangor

The thing about trivia, of course, is that there are times when you simply do not know the answer to a question. That day is today – and almost any other day, for that matter.

Of course, given that I pick questions from DownEast.com’s trivia treasure trove, the answers almost always have a very clear Maine connection.

And in a way, today’s DownEast.com trivia question is a twofer – two questions for the price of one answer.

Where was the extension ladder invented?


Bangor. The Queen City is also the birthplace of the canvas-covered canoe.

I don’t recall if I ever owned an extension ladder, but I did own a canvas-covered canoe when I was a kid. It was built by a Canadian Indian from Quebec. I couldn’t get it out to California when I decided to remain, so I ended up selling it to John Robertson, of whom I wrote the other day. Given his skill, that canoe may still be cruising Maine waters.