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Potato crop ‘looking great’ thanks to rain in September | Bangor Daily News

Potato crop ‘looking great’ thanks to rain in September | Bangor Daily News.

Potato Feast Days attracts crowds in Houlton | Bangor Daily News

HOULTON, Maine — Although the potato fields aren’t as plentiful as they were 50 years ago, Houlton’s annual Potato Feast Days celebration is still a crowd pleaser for young and old.

Evidence of its popularity was on display Saturday, as hundreds of people flocked to downtown Market Square and to Community Park for the 51st annual celebration to laud the area’s most famous cash crop.

“We’ve had a wonderful day,” Lori Weston, the executive director of the Greater Houlton Chamber of Commerce, said Saturday afternoon. “There are a lot of people in town.”

When the festival was first launched in 1959, farmers and potato fields abounded, and the fete was the last big celebration in the area before growers started harvesting. Although the celebration has changed over the years, many of the original activities are still in place.

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Aroostook farmers welcoming the weather | Bangor Daily News

Aroostook farmers welcoming the weather – Bangor Daily News

[Potato farming is big in Aroostook County, the county where I grew up. I even picked potatoes one fall break from school — it was cold, wet, muddy, back-breaking work. The local school district generally let kids out for a week or so at harvest time so farmers could have enough hands to pick their crop. Mechanical harvesters pretty much take care of that now, I suspect. — KM]

Coffee giant Starbucks tackles green goals except one: Recycling | GreenBiz.com

SEATTLE, WA — From buying green power to reducing the amount of water it uses, Starbucks is on track to meet the majority of its long-term environmental goals, the coffee giant said Monday.

Starbucks made gains in green building, water and energy use, ethical sourcing and helping farmers reduce deforestation, the company said in its 2009 Global Responsibility Report. It lagged, however, in one high-profile area: recycling.

The company rated its progress on three recycling goals as “Needs improvement.” The goals involve developing a comprehensive recyclable cup by 2012, implementing front-of-store recycling in company-owned stores, and serving a quarter of beverage made in-store in reusable vessels, both by 2015.

“One of the significant challenges we’re facing is a wide variance in municipal recycling capabilities,” Starbucks said in the report. “This inconsistency makes it difficult for a company like ours, with more than 16,000 retail locations around the globe, to efficiently and effectively implement a recycling strategy.”

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Biomass program could net $150M for Maine suppliers – Bangor Daily News

 Biomass program could net $150M for Maine suppliers – Bangor Daily News.