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Let’s fight a fight that’s worthwhile | Bangor Daily News

I was terribly relieved to learn that no one was injured during Friday’s historic topless march through downtown Farmington.

Local police officials had spent much of the week assuring the media and the public at large that plans were in place “to keep people safe”!


I also was glad to see that Michael Heath of the American Family Association of Maine finally weighed in on this critical occurrence of women showing their breasts to enlighten us all of its relationship to the homosexual rights movement.

“The promotion and presentation of public nudity is a staple of the homosexual rights movement,” he told reporters.

See there? I never would have made that connection.

Without Heath’s wise interpretation I would have thought the endeavor was simply a somewhat amusing effort put forth by a frustrated college student in desperate need of something to stand for.

Click on the link for the rest of this commentary by Renee Ordway in The Bangor Daily News.