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Yawkey Foundations give millions to those who need it most

The Yawkey Foundations made nearly $29 million in grants last year. Below is just a bit from the intro to the organizations’ 2009 grant report, a link to the website and a link to the report.

The Yawkey Foundations trace their origins back over seven decades to the philanthropic commitments of Tom and Jean Yawkey. With great concern for the forgotten and underserved, the Yawkeys took careful steps to ensure that their legacy would live on through the work of the Yawkey Foundations. The Yawkeys were perhaps best known for their longtime ownership of the Boston Red Sox. More quietly, but with just as much passion and commitment, Tom and Jean Yawkey were also engaged in an unwavering dedication to those most in need.

With his last will and testament, Tom Yawkey established the Yawkey Foundation in 1976. Jean Yawkey established the second Foundation in 1982. With thoughtful planning, the Yawkeys ensured that their legacy and commitment to those in need would live on after their lifetimes. The Foundations’ Trustees look forward to continuing the Yawkeys’ efforts to have a positive impact on the lives of children, families and the underserved.

For more information about Tom and Jean Yawkey and The Yawkey Foundations, please visit the Foundations website at http://www.yawkeyfoundation.org/.

Click on this link to read or download the entire report.

Maine’s Baldacci plan eases budget cuts | Kennebec Journal

Despite increased revenues,

next year will still see reductions

AUGUSTA – Gov. John Baldacci proposed to alleviate some of the deepest cuts in the state budget Wednesday by providing additional funds to support human services and education.

A revised state revenue forecast that projects a $51 million increase in receipts this fiscal year and next, and additional federal money, combined to give the governor and the Legislature $78.7 million of breathing room.

“Despite today’s good news, we know that our economy is fragile and recovery is far from certain,” Baldacci said during a news conference in his office.

Baldacci continued to characterize state spending as frugal, saying the current two-year budget will be $5.6 billion – a modest increase from his first budget, seven years ago, that was $5.4 billion.

Even with the increased revenue, state lawmakers face a $360 million shortfall.

Click on the link for the rest of today’s story by Susan Cover in the Kennebec Journal.

Panel votes to reject most human service budget cuts | Portland Press Herald

 Panel votes to reject most human service budget cuts | Portland Press Herald.