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Paralyzed Palermo man develops adaptive shooting system | Bangor Daily News

Paralyzed Palermo man develops adaptive shooting system – Bangor Daily News.

Moose hunters hit jackpot | Bangor Daily News

[Just learned that my Mom was one of the winners! She’s been trying for a permit for 10-12 years. I’m very happy for her and may just have to make a trip home for a meal that includes much moose. — KM]

Moose hunters hit jackpot – Bangor Daily News.

State to award 3,140 moose hunting permits today | Bangor Daily News

[I posted a link earlier to a Portland Press Herald story on the moose permit drawing, but the Bangor Daily News did a much better job and has quite a bit more information that the Press Herald. Here’s a link to the BDN version. — KM]

State to award 3,140 moose hunting permits today – Bangor Daily News.

L.L. Bean to host moose lottery in June | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

L.L. Bean to host moose lottery in June | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

Decline of white-tailed deer more than just about coyotes, bears

George Smith yesterday again wrote in his DownEast.com blog about the decline of white-tailed deer in northern Maine.

It appears unscrupulous landowners may be just as to blame for the drastic decline of deer as are back-to-back harsh winters and predators such as coyotes and bears. (I blogged about a Chamber of Commerce in Maine that had promoted a tournament for killing coyotes. That shows the level of frustration in the region.)

Personally, one of the more stark passages in the blog read:

At some northern Maine game registration stations, more bear than deer or moose were tagged. For example, the Fish River station registered forty-seven bears, twenty-three moose, and just four deer. The Portage station tagged ninety-two deer in 2007, thirty-one deer in 2008, but only nine deer this year.

I’m pretty certain the “Portage station” is Coffin’s General Store, of which I have written before. The Mom occasionally helps out at the store and she told me in the fall that kill numbers had dropped off drastically, but 92 to nine in just two years is terrible on so many levels.

For those who are non-hunters or anti-hunting, annual deer hunting is significant to the life and livelihood of Mainers. It is a rite of passage for youngsters in which responsibility, gun safety, and an appreciation for the outdoors are taught. It also is a significant economic component for rural and remote areas of the state where unemployment historically has been high. Hunting camps and other lodging, restaurants, gas stations, guides, taxidermist and more feel the pain in a poor hunting season.

Smith writes about the loss of wintering habitat for deer and how a land sale and swap ended up costing the state some of that habitiat.

Smith, the blog’s author, lives in Mount Vernon and is described as “a columnist, TV show host, executive director of the state’s largest sportsmen’s organization, political and public policy consultant, hunter, angler, and avid birder and most proud of his three children and grandson.” He knows that of which he writes.

Click this link to go to George’s Outdoor News blog.

Wildlife advocates blast coyote hunting tournament

I had heard that the coyote problem was bad in Northern Maine, but a “hunting tournament”?! Here is a link to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network story on the tournament sponsored — now get this — by a Chamber of Commerce.

There are ways to deal with the overpopulation, but this should not be it.

I know, I know, I know. The coyote population has been growing in recent decades and are partially to blame for the lower deer population. And deer hunting is very important on many levels — it draws in hunter-tourist dollars and deer killed by locals is used to feed families through the winter.

But this is not the way to do it.

The state must consider regulating a relocation program or a licensed kill program.

But not a “tournament.” That is a tiny bit too festive when a life — any life — is being taken.