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Show us your ice shack — it might be worth $1,000 | Bangor Daily News

[My Mom says she’s spotted a couple of ice shacks on the lake when she lives. It’s a very chilly spot. Brrr! — KM]

Show us your ice shack — it might be worth $1,000 | Bangor Daily News.

Ice shack Shangri-la

You have got to check out this story in the Lewiston Sun Journal. And scroll down to the bottom of the story to see a couple photos of this truly palatial ice shack. (Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever believed that I would write a sentence in which “palatial” and “ice shack” would be somehow connected.)

There is no byline on the story posted on the website or I would have added it. Below is the top of the story.

Tanya Ouellette was shopping at the corner store when she overheard a conversation about homeless people living on the frozen lake.

“Those aren’t homeless people; that’s us,” Ouellette said.

She and her husband Kevin spend night after night each winter with all the comforts of home – a full kitchen, wood floors, surround sound, two televisions, a wood stove, a bathroom complete with a shower (no hot water) and a doorbell. Their home just happens to sit on a foot of ice.

“I have the best of both worlds — ‘American Idol’ and ice fishing,” Tanya said.

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