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Outdoors enthusiasts delight in state’s conservation efforts – Bangor Daily News

In recent years Maine has tripled the amount of land set aside for conservattion. I really, really like the idea of protecting the land from development.

That said, there are some very interesting points raised in the comments section of the online story, mostly about accessibility and the loss of tax revenue. But protecting lands could mean new jobs in outdoor recreation, environmental education, etc.

Outdoors enthusiasts delight in state’s conservation efforts – Bangor Daily News.

There are several mentions in this story about how large paper and timber mills used to own much of the land and that those companies allowed access for recreational uses, including hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. I recall as a child stopping at a gate in the woods to be let onto those lands. Going through the gates meant being able to enjoy the outdoors.

Oh, and here’s a link to a Maine Public Broadcasting Network story about the acting state conservation commissioner offering to help the state close its budge gap. One of the things to be cut — a helicopter. And, according to the story, there’s already an offer for the helo.

Here’s a link to that story.

New Acting Conservation Chief Outlines Budget Cuts