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‘Perfect’ Machias Wild Blueberry Festival draws thousands | Bangor Daily News

MACHIAS, Maine — The sky, the pies, the berries and the banners all shared the same hue. Even some of the faces were looking blue, but only on those who wanted to smear them with a sticky goo as they competed to be the first ones through.

The pie-eating contest, the music and food put thousands of people in a good mood on Saturday as they celebrated a small edible berry at the annual Machias Wild Blueberry Festival.

And the combination of sunny weather and pleasant temperatures helped draw people in, according to Ellen Farnsworth, co-chairwoman of the annual event. She said last year’s festival was hot and that in 2008 it was rainy. On Saturday, there were almost no clouds in the sky and outdoor thermometers read approximately 70 degrees.

“This is perfect,” Farnsworth said of the weather.

As usual, the Centre Street Congregational Church was the center of action Saturday, as it is for the festival every year. The church sponsors and organizes the festival, which has been held every August since 1975. The church is where the festival play is staged, where the blueberry pie-eating contest is held and where many of the musical acts perform.

Click for the rest of the story by Bill Trotter in the Bangor Daily News.

More information is available at www.machiasblueberry.com.

Five things to do this July 23 weekend | Bangor Daily News

Five things to do this July 23 weekend | Bangor Daily News

Revolutionary women and a 16-mile trek through the woods

DownEast.com’s trivia question for today proves Maine women are pretty tough.

Who was Hannah Weston?


Hannah Weston was a Revolutionary War heroine who carried ammunition sixteen miles through the woods to Machias to aid patriots who had captured the British ship Margaretta.

I cannot imagine carrying ammunition 16 yards let alone 16 miles through the woods, especially to Machias where the terrain is uneven and certainly brushy and swampy since is located on Maine’s rugged coastline.

The Daughters of the American Revolution chapter in Machias is named for Hannah Weston, who was 17 or so when she and another woman lugged powder to Machias, according to a recent Bangor Daily News story. There’s even a festival.

By the way, the battle to capture the HMS Margaretta is called by some the “Lexington of the Seas” because of its role in the American Revolutionary War. It was the first naval battle.

Here are links to Wikipedia pages on Machias, which has a line about Hannah, and the Battle of Machias.

Oh, and for full disclosure, I played soccer on the Ashland Community High School varsity team and occasionally we played Machias in early rounds of the state tournament. But I won’t hold that against the people of Machias or Hannah Weston.

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‘Black Sam’ Bellamy and the ‘pirate’s republic’ in Maine

You gotta love pirate trivia. And you had to know there was plenty of it to go around when it comes to Maine. The rocky coast must have made it a perfect place for pirates and pirate ships to hide. I also seem to recall from what my high school history teach told us in class that it was a good place to offload booze during Prohibition and marijuana during the Age of Aquarius.

Here’s the pirate trivia question from DownEast.com.

Why was Maine a special place for the pirate captain Samuel Bellamy?


Bellamy planned to establish a “pirate’s republic” in the remote Machias area of eastern Maine.

I’m not very trusting of Wikipedia, but here’s a link to the entry for Capt. Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy.